Emily Fay

Katheryn Ashley Sellers weds Brian Brunner

We are pleased to announce the marriage of Katheryn Ashley Sellers to Brian Brunner. They were married on 17 March 2011 in Euless, TX. Ashley is the daughter of James Mills “Jim” and Katheryn Irene “Kit” Tillery Sellers, granddaughter of Emily Katheryn Veder Tillery and great-granddaughter of Henry Paul and Emily Fay Johnson Veder (Uncle Paul and Aunt Emily Fay).

Love and best wishes to you, Ashley and Brian! Family members can write to the newly-wed couple at this address:

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Brunner
1305 Monterrey Blvd., #110
Euless, TX 76040


Family news from Clint Veder

We were very happy to hear from Clint Robert Veder recently. In a message to Uncle Wylie, Clint sent the following:

I am married and live in Tri-cities, Washingtion. I work for the Bechtal Internationl Construction Company http://www.hanfordvitplant.com (the largest construction site in north america) and have been a carpenter for 14 years. I joined Local 1849 Carpenter Union 3 years ago (better wages you know). My wife's name is Lydia Maya. She is a Northern Cheyenne, Native American. She was born in Billing's Montana. She is a wonderful stay at home mother, who recently gave her life to Yeshuea (Jesus) and is really sent from God to bless my life. We have two boys Luke 5 and Sam 3. Sam out weighs Luke by 10 pounds and is 1 inch taller than Luke. I am thinking linebacker or fullback; LOL. Luke just started kindergarten this year at Marcus Whitman elementry. I wish he was starting at Seth Johnson back home. Both are true Boys. We have dedicated them both to the Lord and both look forward to serving Yeshuea in Jail Ministry and Sunday School. Lydia teaches women's bible study on Mondays. We both look forward to a exciting life in Jesus and would love to hear how everyone back home is doing. Have you talked to my dad, Seth or brothers or sisters, or know how to get a hold of Steven and Jason Switzer Kathern's children. Anyway thanks uncle Wylie. You and uncle Phillip were my favorite uncles. I remember coming up to your house once in a while and visiting uncle Phillip down in Florala. How is he doing anyway. My address is 1102 Willard Ave. Richland, WA 99354. Telephone # (509)438-4337.

Clint is the son of Seth Arthur Veder and grandson of Henry Paul and Emily Fay Johnson Veder (Uncle Paul and Aunt Emily Fay).

Uncle Wylie replied to let Clint know that Uncle Philip had passed away and with other news of the Seth Arthur Veder family. We’re including that here for those who would like an update on the family...