Parley Philip

Brittany Lauren Johnson graduates from Auburn University

We are pleased to announce that Brittany Lauren Johnson, daughter of David Henry and Diana Lyn Applegate Johnson, graduated from Auburn University on 5 May 2013. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. She has accepted a job in the Attorney General’s Office in Washington, D. C.. Brittany is the granddaughter of Parley Philip and Edith Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine). Congratulations, Brittany! We look forward to hearing about your exiting work in our nation’s capitol!


Syrupmakers headed to GA 3A Semifinals!

Here's a winning football team we can all get behind. We're proud to report that the Cairo (GA) Syrupmakers are continuing their winning ways in 2011! Parley Phillip Johnson, Jr., sent the news that on Friday night, 25 November 2011, ...

Cairo won against St. Pius X Catholic and will now play Peach County High School this Friday night in the GA 3A SEMIFINALS…. [T]he Syrupmakers will head to Fort Valley, GA to play the Peach County Trojans for an 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time  kickoff Friday.

Why is this such great news for the Johnson Family? For those of you who do not know, David Henry Johnson is Offensive Line Coach of the Cairo Syrupmakers and his son Spencer Brady Johnson is #55, an Offensive Guard and one of the team's star players! See the Syrupmakers' victories thus far and follow their future progress on this GA 3A Championship bracket.

Pictured L to R here: Parley Phillip Johnson, Jr., #55 Offensive Guard Spencer Brady Johnson, Offensive Line Coach David Henry Johnson and Seth Herbert Johnson after the Cairo vs St. Pius X Catholic football game. The Cairo Syrupmakers won that Georgia 3A Quarter Final game 21-0.


Grahams enjoy U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball

We just had to share this great photo of Callie Elizabeth Johnson Graham and husband SGT Joseph Graham USMC. On Saturday evening, 12 November 2011, they had a wonderful time at the annual U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball at Camp Lejune, NC. Family members may recall that Joey returned home from Afghanistan in June after a 7 month deployment. It's great to see the happy couple enjoying this evening!

Callie Beth is the daughter of Parley Phillip, Jr. and Callie Gail Pickron Johnson and granddaughter of Parley Philip, Sr. and Edith Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine). Callie Beth and Joey have one son, Kaiden Michael.


SGT Joseph Graham USMC returns home from Afghanistan

SGT Joseph Graham USMC returns home Sunday 12 June 2011 after 7 month deployment in Afghanistan. As his father-in-law Parley Phillip Johnson, Jr. says, “Praise the Lord!” SGT Graham has served as a forward observer with Fire Control Team 5, Supporting Arms Liaison Team Chuck, 2nd Air-Naval Gunfire Liaison Company. He and his task force, “[monitor] ... for insurgent activity... Marines with 2nd Radio Battalion, Task Force Belleau Wood, supply units... with indications and warning of insurgent activity.” This quote and photo at right are re-printed from a 7 May 2011 article on the official website of the U.S. Marine Corps. If you want to know what that means - to get a glimpse into what it’s like for these Marines - read this article. (Photo of SGT Graham at right is in that article, also.)

SGT Graham, “Joey”, will be welcomed home by his wife Callie Elizabeth (Johnson) Graham and son Kaden Michael Graham at Camp Lejune, Jacksonville, NC. Callie and Kaden Graham put up the Welcome Home sign at right at the main gate of Camp Lejune, NC.
Callie Elizabeth and Kaden Michael are the daughter and grandson of Parley Philip and Callie Gail Johnson, and granddaughter and great-grandson of Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine.


Luke McIntyre Johnson promoted to Sergeant (E5), USMC
We are very proud to announce this news just in from Parley Philip Johnson, Jr.... his son Luke McIntyre Johnson was promoted to (E5)  SGT of Marines on 1 May 2011! Family members may recall that Luke recently served as a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan. He returned to Camp Pendleton, CA on 10 November 2010 and came home on a well-deserved Christmas furlough 11 December 2010.

Luke is the son of Parley Philip, Jr. and Callie Gail Johnson and grandson of Parley Philip, Sr. and Edith Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine). Family members can send their love and congratulations for Luke to Parley and Callie Gail at parley(at)fairpoint(dot)net.


Luke McIntyre Johnson comes home on furlough

Luke__bham_homecoming.jpgCPL Luke McIntyre Johnson, with the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Division, returned to Camp Pendleton, California on 10 November 2010 after a tour of duty in Afghanistan and was able to come home on furlough in December. Several of the Birmingham Johnson clan had a wonderful “mini-reunion” with Luke as he came through Birmingham on Saturday, 11 December 2010 on his way from Camp Pendleton, CA home to Paxton, FL. Dad Parley Philip, Jr. came to Birmingham to meet him and bring him home for the Christmas holidays. At the airport were his Great Uncle Wylie Pierson Johnson, cousins Melanie Fay Johnson, Kellet Carmichael, Lillian “Lillie” Carmichael and Joshua May, Orson L. “Pete”, Mary Jean and William Seth Johnson, and, of course, father Parley Philip Johnson, Jr.. Luke and Parley Philip went with Uncle Wylie out to “Pawland”, Uncle Wylie’s property on the Cahaba River in Bibb County for a little while before Luke and Parley got on the road. As Luke returned to Camp Pendleton after Christmas, Melanie Fay hosted a lovely family dinner party at Carmichael Hall in Vestavia. Here are some of the photos made during his visit. It was so great to see Luke safe and sound!!

CPL Luke McIntyre Johnson has returned from Afghanistan

Whoo hoooo and thank the Lord!!! This just in from CPL Luke McIntyre Johnson’s father and mother, Parley Philip, Jr. and Callie Gail Johnson:

Luke is in the USA in route to Camp Pendleton, CA should be there by 5 PM California time ( 7 PM Alabama Time )... Praise the Lord for his safe return, thanks to all for your continued thoughts and prayers while Luke was deployed to AFGHANISTAN for the past 7 months.


Parley P. Jr. & Callie Gail

Luke is with the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Division. The photo here is a recent UPI photo of Luke that was in the news. The caption read, “Marines patrol In bazaar of Hazar Joft in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan on August 8, 2010.”

Also, see the article about Luke’s furlough trip home to Paxton, FL at Christmas!


David Johnson's Cairo Syrupmakers off to a great start

After the 2009 football season, David Henry Johnson resigned as head coach at Lee County, (GA) High School. He said the local townspeople at Leesburg were not enthusiastic about supporting the football team. This season he took the job as defensive coach at Cairo, Ga High School. The Cairo Syrupmakers are off to a great start! David’s brother Parley Philip Johnson, Jr. shared this 17 September 2010 local news story. (Update! The Cairo Syrupmakers, as of 15 October 2010, the Syrupmakers are 7-0!)

Georgia High School Football - Thomas County Central held off by Cairo 

(September 17, 2010: Thomasville, GA 31792) Cairo Syrupmakers (Cairo, GA) fans left the game content Friday as they saw their football team nip the host Thomas County Central Yellowjackets (Thomasville, GA), 20-13 in a non-league test.

  With the triumph, Cairo improves its record to 4-0 on the campaign. The Syrupmakers hostMonroe (Albany, GA) to battle the Tornadoes in a AAA Region 1 test on Friday, September 24. The Tornadoes come into the test with a record of 3-1. Monroe lost 27-19 in their recent non-league test against Brooks County (Quitman, GA)

   With the loss, Thomas County Central drops to 2-1 on the campaign. The Yellowjackets travel to Hardaway (Columbus, GA) to battle the Hawks in a AAAA Region 1 test on Friday, September 24. The Hawks come into the test with a record of 1-2. Hardaway lost 44-0 in their recent non-league test against Carver (Columbus, GA)


David is the son of Parley Philip, Sr. and Edith Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine).

Congratulations on an awesome season thus far, David! All the Johnson family is wishing you continued success!


Colter Herrington survives poisonous snake bite

Zachery Colter Herrington was bitten by a water moccasin in his family’s pool on 31 August 2010! “The fang marks might be gone, but the memory of the experience isn’t,” he said. See all the details in the following story about the incident by Stephanie Nelson which appeared in the Andalusia Star News on Friday, 3 September 2010. For a limited time you can read the story online here. (Because the story might be removed from the site at some time, we’re posting it here, also.)

Colter is the son of Joseph Decatur and Amy Michelle Edwards Herrington, grandson of Judy Nora Johnson Davis and her first husband Joe Frank Herrington, and great-grandson of Parley Philip, Sr. and Edith Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine).

This story gives some of us the “willies”, Colter. We’re so glad you survived this nightmare! Family members can send an email to Colter via his grandmother Judy at


CPL Luke McIntyre Johnson makes UPI news

UPDATE 10/18/10! Parley Philip shared an update on his military family. As you may know BOTH of his sons AND his son-in-law are serving overseas in the Marines. Here is the latest...

He [Parley Philip and Gail’s son Luke McIntyre Johnson] has done well in Afghanistan over the past 7 months. We will sleep better when he gets back to the states in November…

Parley Philip III “Tracy” is now assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines where he is attached to the USMC Security Guard Detachment.

Our son-in-law Sgt. Joey Graham USMC is set to deploy to Afghanistan on 14 November with the USMC 2nd ANGLICO from Camp Lejune, NC. He will be there 7 months as a forward observer.

Thank you for sharing this, Parley. WOW! Few U.S. families have given so much for their country!


U.S. citizens can feel safer when one of the Johnson clan is on patrol. CPL Luke McIntyre Johnson is doing just that. He is deployed with the 1st Marine Division in Afghanistan. Recently, this photo of Luke made the UPI news wire. The caption reads, “Marines patrol In bazaar of Hazar Joft in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan on August 8, 2010.” The UPI photo was made by Hossein Fatemi. Click “Read more” below to see this photo enlarged. See the photo on the UPI at:


Family News from Mark Phillip Herrington

We received a nice note from Mark Phillip Herrington today with news of his lovely family.

I am in the Criminal Justice Technology program in my 3rd semester at AB Tech in Asheville NC . I am Married, 5 years in March 2011, have a 7 yr. old daughter named Destiny Star VanZant Herrington. And my wife is Jennifer VanZant Herrington. Hope everyone is doing well and have a blessed day!

Mark is the son of Judy Nora Johnson Davis and grandson of Parley Philip (Sr.) and Edith Christine Fail Johnson (Uncle Philip and Aunt Christine).

So good to hear from you, Mark. Good luck in your Criminal Justice studies at AB Tech! Family members can contact Mark at moonbeamsmaster(at)yahoo(dot)com. Read More...

Carmichael-Johnson antique dresser available

UPDATE 12 Aug. 2010: The dresser has been sold. Judy Nora is happy to report that the dresser has a new home in a bed & breakfast in Tennessee. The article below remains posted as historical information.

Judy Nora Johnson Davis has a beautiful antique dresser that is rich in Carmichael-Johnson heritage. And it’s for sale! See the photo at right. (Click on it for an enlarged view.) It has a marble top with candle holders. Judy will soon take the dresser to an antique shop in Destin, FL to sell, but she wants to give family members the opportunity to buy it if they are interested. Judy shared the following story about the dresser (additional information in brackets added by the web editor):

As the story goes Great Grandmother, Manora Alzada Summers Carmichael (which my middle name Nora comes from ) brought it to Newnan from Atlanta to get away from Sherman, and she gave it to Grandmother (Neva Kate Carmichael Johnson) as a wedding present, and she [Neva Kate] brought it to Carol Villa in Montgomery, [Uncle Mac and Aunt Gene had it for several years at Carol Villa], and my father [Parley Philip Johnson, Sr.] had it for years in the house at Lockhart, Alabama and then gave it to me, Judy Nora Johnson Davis.

Judy says this is what she was told. If there are corrections or additional information, please let Jean know at johnsonreunion(at)brooknet(dot)com, and we’ll update this article.

Parley Johnson, Jr. Family continues to serve America

The children of Parley (Parley Philip , Jr.) and Callie Gail Johnson continue to serve their country honorably. They follow in their father’s footsteps as proud members of the United States Marine Corps. ...


Happy Easter from the Parley Johnson, Jr. family!

Parley Johnson (Parley Philip , Jr.) and wife Callie sent us these photos of their sons Luke McIntyre Johnson (desert fatigues) and Parley Philip (“Tracy”) Johnson, III, with his sister Callie Elizabeth “Beth” Johnson Graham. They also included a snap of their grandson Kaden Michael Graham (son of Joey and Beth Graham.) Kaden is really enjoying his Easter!

Both Luke and Tracy serve in the United States Marine Corps and will be deployed overseas. Tracy is already in Bosnia and Luke will soon be in the war zone in Afghanistan. Their brother-in-law, Joey Graham, is also a Marine. He returned home from service in Iraq just about one year ago.

(Be sure to click on “Read more” to see the pictures enlarged and get further information in the captions.) ...