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Orson Alexander "Alex" Johnson needs our prayers

We have received news that Orson Alexander "Alex" Johnson has been diagnosed with throat cancer. He was recently operated on to remove his thyroid. He is currently at home, but his doctor says "no visitors." He will soon return to the hospital in Montgomery, AL for further treatment. He will not be allowed visitors there either.

Alex is the son of Orson Alexander, Sr. and Louise Pierce Johnson (Uncle Pete and Aunt Louise). Although he is not allowed visitors, we're sure that he would appreciate a card or letter and, most especially, your prayers. Family members can write to Alex at:

Mr. Alex Johnson
827 Williamsburg Dr.
Pike Road, AL 36064

You are in our prayers, Alex. We are wishing you a sure and rapid recovery! Read More...

Margie Helen Flomer needs your prayers.

Please put Margie Flomer on your prayer list. She is to undergo surgery for breast cancer next week. The following was received from her yesterday, 1 Nov. 2011.

...October 31 I met with Dr. Eaddy the surgeon who will operate.  Date for that has not been set but hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday, November 8 or 9.  The good report from him is that it can be done with a lumpectomy and should not be a problem (easy for him to say, it's not on him)...



Leigh Ann Berkstresser needs your prayers.

This in from Richard Kyle Berkstresser, Jr. regarding wife Leigh Ann...

Just got back from the emergency room at Jackson's Hospital. Leigh Ann has re- herniated the disc in her back and we go to see her back surgeon Monday. She is on an intense four medication treatment plan that will hopefully, only reqiure physical therapy. Prayers requested!

Richard is the son of Laurida Emily Albritton Berkstresser and a grandson of Walter and Caroline Johnson Albritton (Uncle Walter and Aunt Caroline).

Richard, we will keep Leigh in our prayers. Family members who would like to send love and get well wishes to Leigh Ann, send email to rberkstresser(at)elmore(dot)rr(dot)com or mail cards to:

Mrs. Leigh Ann Berkstresser
316 Lewis Rd.
Deatsville, AL 36022

Update 9/20/11 - From Richard...

Leigh had a good visit with Dr. Davis this morning. Basically there is no change. Leigh has a herniated disc and she is going to treat it with medication and being careful at work. Please continue to pray for her and she goes back to Dr. Davis on the 17th....We really appreciate all the prayers, calls and concern.


Prayer Alert for Charlie Brewer

This in from Parley Phillip Johnson, Jr. ...

Please pray for our cousin Charlie Brewer. He was involved in a horrible car accident, to my knowledge the driver of the car was speeding well over the normal limit, after losing control of the vehicle, both driver and passenger were brutally ejected from the car. The car flipped 4x once they became airborne throwing each person in different directions. Charlie was air lifted from the hospital in Monroe, LA and taken to LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, LA. Some of his injuries consist of bleeding of the brain, broken neck, bruised lungs and several server cuts throughout his body. His condition is critical! Any prayers and greatly needed and appreciated!!

Charlie Brewer is the son of Chuck Brewer, grandson of Pete and Neva Leota O’Brien Brewer and great-grandson of Joseph Nathaniel and Dorothy Dixson Johnson O’Brien (Uncle Joe, “Peanut”, and Aunt Dot.)

Charlie is in our in our most urgent prayers. Thank you for sharing, Parley! More information ASAP. Family members can send their love get well wishes for Charlie to Neva Leota:
      Mrs. Neva O. Brewer
      126 Cedarbrook Drive
      Monroe, La. 71203

Note that the above is a new address for Neva Leota (changed from 4890 Highway 16 E., Clinton, AR 72031-8863). She is now (as of this writing, 7/7/11) living with her granddaughter Kristen Gilliland. Please change in your address books.

UPDATE 6/17/11 -- The accident happened about midnight, 6/16-17/2011. Charlie is in stable condition but is suffering from brain swelling.

UPDATE 6/24/11 -- Parley Phillip Johnson, Jr. - with a a big “Praise the Lord ! The Power of Prayer….” - forwarded the following update on Charlie from Tana Rountree. (Tana is a first cousin of Charlie’s father Chuck Brewer.)


I just wanted to let all of you know that I received a message from Kristen Gilliand (Kathy Gilliand's daughter, Aunt Neva Brewer's granddaughter) about Charlie Brewer (Chuck Brewer's son) & it looks like he's going to be ok although he does a long road to recovery ahead of him. She said that Aunt Neva actually spoke to him on the phone yesterday.

It looks like the prayers helped.


This is wonderful news! Please continue to keep the family posted, Parley and Tana, and we will continue our prayers.

UPDATE 7/3/11 -- This update in today from Charlie’s great aunt Joyce O’Brien...

I talked with Neva Leota on Thursday.  Charlie is home from the hospital, but he is not thinking clearly yet, and he has no memory of the accident.  The best person to keep in touch with for current and accurate updates is probably Neva's daughter, Kathy.  Her e-mail address is gillilan(at)ulm(dot)edu.

UPDATE 7/7/11 - This update from Kristen Gilliland Jones (Charlie’s first cousin)...

Charlie is doing a lot better. He still has a ways to go but improves everyday.

UPDATE 7/25/11 - From Joyce O’Brien - a conversation with Charlie’s grandmother Neva Leota (O'Brien) Brewer tell us that “he continues to improve.” Keep up those prayers!